https://airlinesinfos.online, like all airlines, has a set of policies that passengers must agree to when booking and traveling on their flights. These delta airlines policies cover a wide range of topics, including ticketing, baggage, seating, refunds, and more.

Here is an example of a general disclaimer that may be included in Delta’s policies:

Delta Airlines Disclaimer, (Delta) provides transportation and other services on the terms and conditions in this passenger contract of carriage. By purchasing a ticket and/or boarding a Delta aircraft, you (the passenger) accept and agree to the terms and conditions in this contract. This contract governs the rights, duties, and liabilities of the passenger and Delta and is binding on the passenger and Delta, their respective agents and assigns.”

It’s important to note that the actual policies and disclaimer may change over time and will be different based on country’s jurisdiction. It’s good to review the policy before finalizing your booking and traveling with Delta.

Delta Airlines Disclaimer generally suggest that passenger should visit the website to review the full list of rules, restrictions, and guidelines and if you have any further question on this topic you can contact the customer service of Delta or consult the legal section of their website.